Our Gallery

Baking Victoria Sponges, by Mrs Paton

A Roman testudo in Class 3, by Mrs Blackwell

William Morris, by Miss Millington

French Lessons, by Miss Millington

P.E. and Physical skills, by Mrs Turner

Science: senses, by Mrs Turner

Beebot, by Mrs Turner

R.E., by Mrs Turner

Small world, by Mrs Turner

Creative, by Mrs Turner

Literacy, by Mrs Turner

Role play, by Mrs Turner

The Romans - Chester, by Mrs Paton

Construction, by Mrs Turner

Maths, by Mrs Turner

Bike Training, by Mrs Paton

Class 3, by Mrs Blackwell

Class 3, by Mrs Blackwell

Maths - Place Value, by Miss Millington

Gymnastics, by Miss Millington

Class 2 2021, by Miss Millington

Forest School, by Mrs Paton

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