Pott Shrigley Class 2 : Gallery

Forest Schools 13.9.2019, by Mrs Hamnett

Forest Schools - 6.9.19, by Mrs Hamnett

pyramid building, by Ms Bromley

Leavers' Service at Astbury, by Mrs Hamnett

Learning about Islam, by Mrs Hamnett

Abseiling, by Ms Bromley

SPORTS DAY, by Mrs Hamnett

Liverpool Cathedral Visit, by Mrs Hamnett

pBuzz Lessons, by Mrs Hamnett

Art Lesson, by Mrs Hamnett

Assembly in the sunshine!, by Mrs Hamnett

Trip to Macclesfield Museum, by Mrs Hamnett

IWM and BBC Philharmonic, by Ms Bromley

Fitness at Substation, by Ms Bromley

Crazy Headgear Day, by Mrs Bradley

Y5 Pilgrim Day Visit, by Mrs Hamnett

Hampers of Hope, by Mrs Bradley

'Al fresco' lunch, by Mrs Bradley


Class 2 Trip to Legoland, by Miss Smith

A Mayan Feast, by Miss Smith

Does it dissolve?, by Mrs Murdock

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