Summer Term@Pott Shrigley Church School- Sports Day

Date: 21st Jun 2018 @ 9:52am

A day in the life of Pott Shrigley School Sports Day 2018. 

It was a splendid day, especially whan the 4 reception girls ran up the hill dancing with the finish line ribbon. It made everyone's daylaugh!!! 

And now welcome our four teams...


Now entering the stage is the UMPA UMPAS!!!

Looks like the FLAMING FROGS are running down the lane!!!

And finnially TEAM HOGWARTS!!!

One of our favourite races of the day was the intense sack race. Most of us were feeling nervous for this race in case we fell to the ground like a sack of spuds!! There were no injuries though thankfully. After that race we all had a well-earned tasty break of  Grannelli's famous ICE-CREAM! It set us up well for the second half, particularly the boundary race. All of the children did impressively well to get round the whole field. And the races couldn't have finished better than a teacher's race! Well done to Jordan for coming first. We wouldn't have expected anything less from our sports teacher.

And the winners are

in 4th place is...THE FLAMING FROGS!!!!

Next in 3rd place is...POPPING POPCORN!!!

In 2nd place is...TEAM HOGWARTS!!

So that means that UMPA LOOMPAS came in first place!

Well done everybody!

                              By Maddalena and Rose



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