Summer Term @ Pott Shrigley School - The RUNNER Up To Sports Day

Date: 14th Jun 2018 @ 10:34am

On Tuesday we had a practise in the field for sports day (which is today.) The weather isn't very good but we still hope for some rays of sunshine! There are four teams, and each one is in age order from yr6 at the front, to reception at the back. The groups have colours and names: Popping Popcorn - Red,  Team Hogwarts - Green,  Flaming Frogs - Blue and Oompa Loompa - Yellow. Hopefully sports day will be fun later, I love sports day. There's a parents race too; we'll be looking forward to seeing some of you take part. Don't forget to grab yourself a Granelli's ice-cream there.

    (by Andrei and Amelie)

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